#MDA Marketing Digital Acquisition – Les types d’e-Shoppers

Après avoir analysé les comportements des consommateurs de manière générale avec les Moments de Vérité (voir article sur les Moments of Truth) des acheteurs, nous allons analyser les comportements des e-consommateurs/e-Shoppers. Mieux cerner les us des consommateurs sur internet nous permet de concentrer l’attention sur les leviers adaptés aux usages des internautes.

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#MDA Marketing Digital Acquisition – “Moments of Truth”

Avec le Web 3.0, il est plus que nécessaire d’optimiser votre visibilité sur Internet. Des milliers d’agences se spécialisent sur chaque vecteur d’acquisition pour proposer des services toujours plus spécialisés. Le SEO, SEA, SEM, le Display, les Shopbots (Google Shopping, le Fabshop, etc.), Social Media Marketing, Community Management, RTB, Affiliate Marketing, ainsi que d’autres que nous pourrions évoquer lors des différents billets qui seront diffuses ici.

Pour pouvoir commencer, nous allons essayer de schématiser, scénariser le développement et habitudes des consommateurs actuels. Comprendre le comportement du consommateur nous permet de déterminer les actions marketing judicieux et en phase avec l’attente des consommateurs. Comme j’ai pu le préciser lors de ma dernière recherche (prochainement publié pour sa première partie), la stratégie Marketing a adopté est le Bottom-Up strategy. Au lieu d’une stratégie Top-Bottom classique inspiré du Marketing Mix que l’on connait. Continue reading

“Happiness + Satisfaction = Marketing Success” – Best Practices to run your business

The truth is that all of us attain the greatest success and happiness possible in this life whenever we use our native capacities to their greatest extent.” Smiley Blanton, speech pathologist.

This quote represents the whole idea of this article. Nowadays, more and more company are looking forward “happiness”, “satisfaction” because there is a whole trend arousing from nowhere. Why are we focusing our attention on those aspects? How do they impact on the business success and our profitability? All those questions can find the beginning of an answer in the following article.

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E-Commerce – The “Must-Have” in your Digital Marketing Scheme

Digital Marketing is a handful and giving a wide set of possibilities to fit to any type of businesses. Whether you are a B2B or B2C company, you deserve to set a well-design Digital Marketing strategy in order to enhance your business. For some, this is a “swiss-knife” as you can do incredible number of things with the very same tools. For most of us, this is a delicate subject where we are lost due to the number of levers we can use and its quick development. The goal of this small article, is to focus on main levers/marketing channels that you deserve to work on/with.

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Faire des économies sur le TCO, fiction ou réalité?

Toutes les entreprises demandent à faire des économies à chaque département, chaque service et à chaque centre de coûts. Pour cela, on a tendance à jouer sur les mêmes mécanismes de coûts, les mêmes maillons de la chaîne de valeur, sans repenser notre façon de voir les choses. Nous allons nous concentrer l’espace de cet article sur un département : l’achat.

Les achats représente un des plus grands centre de coûts (si ce n’est le seul dans certains cas). L’optimisation des coûts dans ce secteur permettrait à une entreprise d’être plus ou moins rentable. Parfois, il suffirait de mobiliser son attention sur un seul point pour faire des économies conséquentes. Continue reading

Who is the consumer of Today (2015) and the Customer of Tomorrow (2020)

Nowadays, companies in each and every sector are trying to better understand their customers. Customer Relationship Management (CRM), customer-centric management, contact-client are so many customer-based strategies. Throughout decades, we came from a “product-based management” to a “customer-based management”. We used to read books about how to increase the profit by having a better lean management, building a factory to produce more with lesser cost and lower price. Now, we have so many books treating about how to tackle the market by increasing the customer-experience, entertaining the community, sharing the values with your consumers, how to communicate directly to your target, etc.

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Brand Analysis – Taxis G7 versus Uber

Taxis G7 are a French company which had been founded by the Earl Walewski a century ago as a transport service for “small rides”. Initially, they focused their attention for a local market: Paris. It represented already thousands of “local rides” within the city. They grew throughout decades as the leader of Parisian Taxicabs as much as becoming one of the major French companies with the State Support.

Few years before Uber had been founded, Travis Kranic (Uber Founder) went to Paris. The legend counts that Mr Kranic had the idea of Uber when he faced the lack of Taxis G7 taxicabs when it was the most needed even if he was ready to pay even more. The idea of Uber went out with the main idea of: available Uber drivers anywhere, anytime with a fluctuating price and a comfortable ride. Ironically, we could say that Uber was founded thanks to or because of Taxis G7 (and/or Parisian taxicabs) lack of service. Continue reading

Studyka – become the Consultant of Tomorrow #ChallengeConseil

Recently, I have found a Student Challenge which puts you as a Consultant for a small company or a big firm. Your role is to get them quickly in this digital era with ease, creativity, efficiency, originality and most importantly with a realistic project.
As a team, Jump’IN, we had realised a project of an App called “3inter” -based on the 3D Printing industry- to compete among other teams from the world for this very interesting challenge.

Challenge details here.

This is what we have done for the challenge

I will keep you updated if we are qualified to further steps in the challenge.

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