Types et comportements des consommateurs Nihal mougamadou

#MDA Marketing Digital Acquisition – Les types d’e-Shoppers

Après avoir analysé les comportements des consommateurs de manière générale avec les Moments de Vérité (voir article sur les Moments of Truth) des acheteurs, nous allons analyser les comportements des e-consommateurs/e-Shoppers. Mieux cerner les us des consommateurs sur internet nous permet de concentrer l’attention sur les leviers adaptés aux usages des internautes.

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Studyka – become the Consultant of Tomorrow #ChallengeConseil

Recently, I have found a Student Challenge which puts you as a Consultant for a small company or a big firm. Your role is to get them quickly in this digital era with ease, creativity, efficiency, originality and most importantly with a realistic project.
As a team, Jump’IN, we had realised a project of an App called “3inter” -based on the 3D Printing industry- to compete among other teams from the world for this very interesting challenge.

Challenge details here.

This is what we have done for the challenge

I will keep you updated if we are qualified to further steps in the challenge.

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